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Monday, March 6, 2017


Woodchip Delivery & Storage Solutions

Here at Perry, we pride ourselves on always delivering our client's needs. The customer is at the forefront of our business, and we work hard to present an end product that fits exactly what the client has requested.
As a result of this, we often recieve positive feedback.

Most recently, we visited a customer to see a system we manufactured to transport their dry woodchip and deliver it to multiple storage bunkers for their CHP plants which are situated within their building.

The system comprised a 4m long hopper with an inverter controlled discharge auger with an output of 2-3 cubic meters per hour. The hopper was designed to be filled by the customers loader and was 4 m tall with a holding capacity of 7 cubic m of G50 woodchip.
This feeds a belt and bucket elevator which then feeds a distribution auger 32.2m long which has an open bottom over the 8 CHP bunkers in the building. This fills each bunker in turn and the keeps the bunkers topped up and the surplus chip leaves the building to be collected in a skip outside for use again.


Perry also supplied a control panel for the equipment with several blockage detectors for protection of the machines, an inverter to adjust the discharge rate of the hopper to suit the rate the CHP units use the chip and all equipment was interlocked for starting sequences.

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