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Wood Pellets - Do you know the risks?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wood Pellets – Know the risks

Pellet SamplesRisk – Explosive Dust

The highest risk related to using wood pellets for fuel is the dust generated when the pellets are delivered and handled. If the dust generated is not monitored and controlled it is possible for an explosive atmosphere to be created.

Prevention - In order to reduce the risk of explosion try to minimise the amount of dust build up, clean your stores regularly and ensure there is no ignition source present. Buying good quality pellets with a low dust content that have been engineered to Belt conveyor wood pelletwithstand some impact will also help reduce the risk of explosion.

Risk – Delivery Break Up

During delivery the pellets can be subjected to abrasive surfaces & high pressured impact causing the pellets to break down and generate fine dust.

Prevention – Minimise the amount of bends in ducting used within your system, ensuring the pellets journey is as smooth as possible will reduce the amount of break up caused. You can also make sure any handling equipment used is purpose-built and designed to be as gentle as possible on the product. Handling equipment such as belt conveyors, slow speed augers & belt and bucket elevators are recommended. If you have your wood pellets delivered via tanker, the tanker driver should avoid excess pressure and ensure that they have some dust prevention mechanism in place.




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